We are taking a little break

returning January 10th

wishing you a safe and loving festive season

We are taking a little break

Returning January 10th

wishing you a safe and loving holiday season

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Welcome To Our Studio 

Locally grown, seasonal and distinctive are three elements that I desire when creating arrangements and selecting flowers.

Dedicating time to source varieties local farmers and the Sydney Flower Market, each floral design is thoughtfully created with sustainable practices.

It is this passion and devotion to nature that has developed my individual style - TFW

LOVE NOTES from clients

"How amazing is it when you receive a personal experience that showcases your personality, your life’s journey or simply your favourite colour or flower. A mix of listening and understanding you create the most beautiful arrangements and settings. Love all you do!"

-Maxine B

"Melissah is my absolute go to stylist for unique, elegant designer bouquets and installs for any occasion"


"What decadent, dreamy bouquets of Joy! The Flower Wonderer delivers every time"


"Mel is an amazing talent who has incredible skill in being able to source exquisite flowers and arrange them in the most sublime, bespoke manner. I'm proud to recommend The Flower Wonderer to anyone looking for a unique creation that will make your jaw drop - her work is simply that stunning."

- Dave C 

The flowers were incredible, I couldn't believe it, so different from all the rest and they lasted to! I've never seen anything like her presentation, just gorgeous!

- Brooke

The Flower Wonderer is next level! I loved the postcard with gold font, every detail superbly done. I'm obsessed with her style

- Harmony

The experience from start to finish with you has been amazing. It really makes all the difference especially when ordering from overseas and putting trust in someone to make something lovely. You've been a delight.

- Angela